GSoC'22: Building a Fortran Playground || Weekly Blog #1

Hello Everyone,
We’ve successfully completed one week under the community bonding period. During this week we’ve scoped the project big picture and ideated the features needed for our playground.
We’ve also created a repository for the playground on github.
A priority list has been created for the project which gives us the deliverables in a chronological order:

  • UI
  • Functioning Playground
  • Security
  • Tutorial
  • Library support
  • Extra features(Sharing, APIs, Analytics etc.)

Development of this playground is an active process and requires community input for a successful implementation. All of you are encouraged to drop your suggestions here or on the ideation thread.

We are now moving onto the second week under the community bonding period, I have the following tasks in mind for this week:

  • Put together a tutorial curriculum friendly for beginners
  • Setting up containers for code processing
  • Gathering further input on features and design

As always, everything is open for discussion and any suggestion for any step of the process is greatly appreciated. I’ll be posting weekly blogs and discussing project ideas on the ideation thread.