GSoC'22: Fortran Playground Design Survey

Greetings of the Day Everyone,
I have finalised 2 mockups for the playground, and I would like the community’s opinion on which one you find better. You can find the designs here
Also, if you have any other suggestions for the look of the playground please feel free to drop them here, I will try my best to incorporate them.

  • Mockup-A
  • Mockup-B

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Alas, at this moment Figma is out of order/ I will have to try later.

It’s up again, in case any other problems occur, I’ve uploaded the images on a different source too.

Minor remark: do not use a file extension “.f95” - the extension is generally used by compilers to distinguish between fixed form and free form (unless an explicit option is used). The extension “.f95” suggests that a distinction is made wrt the expected standard and that is not accepted practice. Use “.f90” instead.

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Thank you for pointing it out, I’ve fixed it now.

Nice work so far @ashirrwad I would just like to note a few things

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My main criticism at this moment is that the background colours for the various parts differ too much. That makes it difficult to read in my opinion. How about using a single background colour, either dark or light. Right now I cannot determine where to type in the code and where to type in any input to the program :slight_smile:

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