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GSOC 2022

Project idea - Build or embed online playground for
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Hello Mentors,
for these project forton comipler need to be set in backend where in which server or which cloud platform. So that from there we can run and retrive the code. Either using API’s we will go for running Forton program.

Hi @heet_kumar_kothadiya and welcome.

Do you have a proposal draft you’d like to share and get some feedback on?

@milancurcic yes I have proposal I am sharing with you Sir. Sir can you mention me once that what are the information i need to include in Proposal and what format i need to follow.

Sorry to say it, but there is which already does nearly the same thing as this proposal.

It contains all recent gfortran, ifort and ifx compilers along with flang trunk (which hopefully become useful soon) and is an extremely powerful tool. I have used it at several occasions when I want to compare compiler behavior across implementations.

I do not think re-inventing the wheel is a good use of resources.

Hi @heet_kumar_kothadiya , You can find the format of the proposal on this page.

Reminder: The deadline to submit the proposal is today at 11:30 PM IST.

thanks for reminder and I am on it right now.

No need to be sorry, all feedback is welcome. Compiler Explorer is not a solution because it’s a power tool with complex UI and many features. This project will target newcomers to the language that want to play with simple programs and explore the language. The Rust playground is about as complex this project should get, but ideally simpler than that. I agree there’s no need to reinvent the wheel–all building blocks for this project are open source and readily available for use. They need putting together, of course.


True, the concept of test pad-like approach (similar to e.g., I mentioned some time ago (entry)) sometimes appears again, including the promotion of Fortran in other languages than English (one thread).