GSoC: Linked List || Blog post by Chetan Karwa || #5

Greetings Everyone,

Progress in the past week:

  • Implemented the parallel deletion of the list using OpenMP. (Turned out the computation time increased instead of reducing it. Possible reason overhead was large)
  • Implemented the list of array with get(), append(), delete() APIs.
  • Have written finalizers for some classes (in progress)
  • Refactored my whole work so it is easier to understand for everyone who visits the respository.

Plan for the coming week:

  • Planning to go forth with list of lists implementation and write pop(), remove(), insert() APIs for it.
  • Will open an issue explain my project and progress in the stdlib to include as many ideas as possible while writing APIs.

Please consider eliminating spaces from filenames-directories. It’s unnecessary pain for many command line tools.


Sure, will change that.