GSOC 2023 Contributor Introduction

Hey everyone,

I am Lucas Otanez, an undergraduate computer science student at the University of Southern California. I’m hoping to be able to contribute to Fortran through GSOC this year!

The core languages I know well (in order of how proficient I am at each) are C++, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript. I’m familiar with Fortran, although I’ve never actually written any Fortran code. I am experienced in Linux, Git (version control in general), debugging (Valgrind, GDB, Gtest, etc. for C++). I also have a background in robotics, as I did lots of robotics projects prior to starting university. Now, robotics is more of a side hobby for me.

I have mostly completed personal and experimental projects up until now, such as games, web apps, and other software that I created because I needed it personally, such as a lightweight C++ sensitive word encryption library. I have in-person hack-a-thon experience in Southern California, where I worked with a team to create a web app that plans a trip for you based on your most listened-to Spotify artists and their hometowns.

I am currently in my first year of university, and thus do not have much industry level software experience. I did work as an electronic repair technician for a medical devices company at one point, where my task was to identify the causes of broken electronics, fix them accordingly, and report/document my work.

For GSOC, I am particularly interested in adding “Support for C++”. I definitely want to work on a project involving C++, as I think I can contribute most meaningfully to such a project, however I would also enjoy working outside of C++ and expanding my skill set. Let me know if this project is still relevant for 2023, or if there are any other more important projects in C++ that I should consider.

Thank you and nice to meet you all!
Here’s my LinkedIn as well: lucas-otanez
And my GitHub: lucasotanez (Lucas Otanez) · GitHub


@lotanez ,

Welcome to the Fortran Discourse! Brilliant CV, wish you the very best with your GSoC projects and all your other endeavors, your contributions will be highly valuable for the Fortran Community!


Justine Dart has a remarkable system for creating binary executables that will run unmodified on 6 different operating systems, including OSX,Windows, Linux and BSD. It needs a library for Fortran support.

Justine’s description of APE:

Some publicity:

Justine replies to my question about Fortran on his Discord channel:

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@lotanez welcome. Yes, the project is available. If you want to code in C++, you are welcome to contribute to LFortran, which is written in C++: GSoC 2023 Ideas · lfortran/lfortran Wiki · GitHub


Hello everyone!

I’m Umashankar Sivakumar, I work as a High Performance Computing Engineer at AMD. I have experience in coding with C, C++, Python, Fortan (all of them typically from a performance analysis perspective). I have compiled HPC codes using several build systems. I work on the development of Spack (A package manager to build HPC apps) within AMD and we have upstreamed many contributions to Spack too!

For GSoC, I’m quite interested in contributing to the project “Version Constraint Resolution” relating to fpm

I would like to know if this project is currently available to be mentored. Since I’m working full time, I would like to know what’s the flexibility like for working on a GSoC Project.

Additional Links - LinkedIn, GitHub (Work)



Welcome to the Discourse.

I saw a talk on Spack’s version constraint solver at SC22, and actually asked about adapting it to other package mangers. If you can provide any help at all with the project it would be greatly appreciated. Serving as a mentor in GSoC generally takes on the order of a few hours a week.

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Thanks for your response!

The Spack maintainers and the community would be more than happy to help us in any possible way!

Is there still an opportunity for me to join as a mentor for this project? I would be more than happy to help anyone with this project!


You should attend the call on Thursday to introduce yourself:


Thanks for the heads-up! I will be attending the meeting on Thursday. I’m unable to find the link to the meeting, could you please point me to it?

I’ll post the link on Thursday.


Dear, Fortran-lang community,

My name is Rajkumar Dongre, and I am a 2nd-year undergraduate student at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology in Pune, India.

I am proficient in various programming languages, including C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Previously, I gained experience working with the LiberCube space organization, where I worked on a Domain-Specific Language called PLUTO. We developed an On-Board Control Procedure engine that loads PLUTO scripts, converts them into executable Python code, and runs them.

I am a team player and have participated in several hackathons, both as a participant and organizer. I am proud to have won the prestigious Smart India Hackathon 2022. I am particularly excited about GSOC23 and would love to contribute to your organization. I am Interested to work on Project " High-level HTTP client library"

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rajkumar Dongre

GitHub Profile: rajkumardongre
LinkedIn Profile: Rajkumar Dongre


Hi @lotanez ,

Welcome to Fortran-lang Discourse and thank you for showing interest in this year’s GSoC.
In case you missed it, here is a post with instructions on how to proceed with GSoC

On the Contribution Instructions make sure you don’t forget point 4. Patch requirement .
As @certik mentioned since you want to work with C++, LFortran GSoC projects can be a great fit for you.

Best of luck with your patch and application!


Thank you. If you have the time, I’d like to discuss LFortran projects with you further. Let me know if I can reach out to you.


@lotanez please do! Contact me on my email or LFortran Zulip.