GSOC 2023 Contribution

Hello everyone!

I’m Kritika Rag, an undergraduate engineering student at Manipal University in Jaipur, India. I’m pursuing a Computer Science major with a Data Science minor. I have a strong interest in artificial intelligence, web development, and competitive programming. In addition, I’ve spent the last three months working as a DSA Problem Setter intern at Scaler Academy, where I create data structure-related questions that are utilized in hiring and coding competitions on the Interview Bit platform. Now that GSoC 2023 is approaching, I’m eager to participate. I sincerely hope that this community will provide me with the opportunity to do so and to work alongside them.

I’m proficient in various coding languages like C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Python, and have experimented with Git, Linux, APIs, etc. I also have been fortunate enough to secure 3 internships so far, 2 as a DSA problem setter and 1 as a research intern. I had also participated in a few open-source programs like Hack October Fest 2022, and GWoC 2022 and have contributed to projects related to web development and data science.

A few weeks ago, I came across Fortran-lang while looking over the list of organizations from the previous year. I was particularly intrigued by the project “IMPLEMENTING A CUSTOM WASM BACKEND” and I went on to follow Fortran on Twitter (which, I believe, no longer exists). I also joined Fortran Discourse to see what was going on there at the time, and I tried learning the Fortran language. Although I am aware that the official list of contributing organizations has not yet been released, I do believe that this is the ideal time to start interacting with the team and beginning to learn more about the contributions. After looking through every project concept posted on the company’s GitHub page, I’ve decided that, given my interests and skill set, I would love to contribute to either the “Language Server” or the “Enable running Fortran in Browser” projects.

I would be really grateful if the community members could guide me through my request.

Here’s my LinkedIn Profile : Kritika Rag


Thanks, @kritika_rag, and welcome!

The projects you’re interested in are quite timely and needed.

We expect to hear from GSoC tomorrow if Fortran-lang qualifies for the program this year. We’ll let you know here on Discourse if yes.

Hmm, what do you mean? Does this not work for you?

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@milancurcic Yeah those projects are timely, I noticed the timing requeriments mentioned with the projects and thank you so much.
Also, I’d been following Fortran-lang since a while on twitter and when I click on the link provided by here, it shows me that I’m following the page but ig there has been some changes with organizations page’s link that’s present with previous years details over GSOC website because when I click over them it shows “Hmm…this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else” so it got a little confusing for me and I apologize for it.

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@kritika_rag ,

Welcome to this Discourse.

Your experience and expertise is most impressive at such an early stage in your computer science education! Let us hope GSoC accepts Fortran-lang again this year, your contributions to the project(s) will be very valuable.


Hi @kritika_rag,

Welcome to Fortran-lang Discourse and thank you for showing interest in this year’s GSoC.
In case you missed it, here is a post with instructions on how to proceed with GSoC

On the Contribution Instructions make sure you don’t forget point 4. Patch requirement .

Best of luck with your patch and application!

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