Github action files and Fortran

Relatively new to github actions I see them being used in the Fortran community but see no repositories or lists pointing to standard components. There is a distributable file for fpm, but not many examples. I am just beginning to put together a list myself and am wondering what the state of the art is and if fortran-lang should host a repository of them.

I find it very appealing that I can copy my .github directory to another github site hosting an fpm package and it immediately builds on Ubunto with ifort/gfortran, MacOS and Windows with gfortran, and rebuilds documenation with ford(1) and all I have to change is the title in the file.

Are there already existing YML files to install and run doxygen, other compilers, other compilers and containers? Do others find a list of files or pointers to examples would be useful?

I’m currently working on a setup action for Fortran compilers, I got GFortran working with plenty of versions on Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows this way, but haven’t come around to get Intel oneAPI or NVHPC in yet. At least for Linux and MacOS I have working snippets to efficiently install and use Intel oneAPI in a workflow.

Help is definitely welcome, once it becomes a real thing we can move it to the Fortran-lang organization.


NVHPC download is huuuge. I think the best way to implement this for NVHPC is using Gitlab CI/CD and Docker containers. Note that NVIDIA provides official Docker containers here: NVIDIA NGC


Hi -

This Github repo runs CI with gfortran-9 and -10 using Github’s VMs and using ifort and nvfortran using containers (which you are welcome to use too). I moved to containers after finding that downloading and installing the Intel or Fortran compilers on the Github VMs was unhappily slow.

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