Fpm Registry Package Upload requirements

Hello Fortran Discourse readers,

We are in currently in the process of considering the package upload requirements for the registry. we would like to have a discussion on the package upload checks and verification processes for the fpm registry like there might be a package that only runs in a particular environment or with a particular compiler or requires a particular dependency, Testing interactive packages, GUI and graphics interfaces, would also be hard to automate. what should be the most appropriate method to go forward for the package upload requirements. we have currently implemented a linux image based docker container for package verification using gcc as the only supported compiler.

Some of the Approaches could be:

  1. Provide user with a range of compilers and environments for package verification from the registry frontend / (consider adding them as a flag in the fpm.toml) on 1 or more of the environments/compilers supported by the package.
  2. Allow the user to upload the package with verification on fpm client and try verifying with the default set of containers and allow community based testing and feedback for the packages .

We’re keen to receive your feedback, ideas to improve the package validation and upload checks requirements.

Thank you,

CC: @arteevraina


What about the response files? (.rsp) it could be used to set different compilers and compiler options such that they are verified? No idea how it would work in practice for the registry, but i’ve found using the .rsp quite nice to just do fpm @myconfig

I think that the (.rsp) files could be a suitable method for windows, but to support the .rsp we would have to add some new flags in the fpm.toml for the registry backend to use windows containers and then to use rsp files for the builds.