FOSDEM '22 - 5 & 6 February 2022

FOSDEM 2022 will be virtual (again).
If there are some interests to present something on Fortran (or on other topics) (e.g., in the HPC & BigData session), the abstracts should be submitted before the end of this week.

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fpm() addresses some of the issues discussed in
Software composition and dependency management
and fpm() development should also be taking note of some of the issues that will be addressed, as food for thought on how fpm(1) should address those issues.

Considering how many languages are explicitly listed, there seems to be a glaring oversite in their list of topics :wink:

I only found one abstract mentioning Fortran so far: FOSDEM 2022 - Enhanced debuggability support in LLVM for various Fortran language features


Alok (the presenter) is from the Flang community. Over a period of time Alok and other engineers from AMD have contributed improvements to the debug infrastructure of LLVM so that we can get good debug for Fortran features. Initially, this was for Classic Flang based compilers but will help all LLVM based compilers like llvm/flang and lfortran.

BTW, I am organizing the LLVM devroom at FOSDEM. Would anyone be interested in helping organize this talk and the following Q&A session?

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