Fortran should be on TikTok

Fortran should have a presence on TikTok. Videos on the basics of python programming have 43.6M views, and javascript 222.9M. TikTok is popular with the young. My teenage daughter and her friends use it a lot. TikTok videos are typically < 1min, but it looks like videos of up to 5min can be viewed. Could the members here who have made Fortran videos adapt a few of them to TikTok? The goal should be to get young people interested in Fortran, not to convey technical information – something like the funny Lair of Fortran video used to promote a MOOC.

I am surprised that there is discussion of technical topics on Twitter rather than on sites like this that allow actual paragraphs, but it does occur, because the Twitter user base is perhaps 400M. The thought of Fortran videos on TikTok may make us laugh, but if hundreds of millions of users are there, we should be too.

P.S. This message was prompted by a post Watching economics on TikTok from Marginal Revolution, a popular economics blog.


I read somewhere recently that TikTok was the most viewed website in 2021, so if there is space for programming related topics on there, I think it’s a great idea to engage. Nothing would show Fortran is a hip and trendy language more than a TikTok presence!

Disclaimer: I know pretty much nothing about TikTok. And now I feel old :rofl: