Fortran Monthly Call: November 2023

After a few months without calls, here is a doodle poll to organise our next monthly call in the week of November 20-24; please see the following doodle poll to mark your availability:

Doodle: Fortran Monthly Call: November 2023

The final time slot will be selected and announced on the evening (European time) of November 14, please complete the poll before then .

If there are specific topics or issues you would like to raise, even if you are unable to attend the call, please post them in the thread here.

As usual, we will record this call and make it available online.

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Until now, only Brad @everythingfunctional answered the doodle. Is there still un interest for a Fortran monthly call? Should it be organized differently?

I had completely missed it - though I had noticed the absence of the monthly calls. Going to fill it in rightaway :slight_smile:

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Apologies Jeremie it completely slipped my mind. Will get right on it.

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Thank you all for answering the Doodle. Based on it, our next monthly call will be on Tuesday, November 21 at 18 UTC.

10:00 - 11:00 PST (California)

18:00 - 19:00 GMT (London)

19:00 - 20:00 CET (Amsterdam)

As previously, the meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend.
Don’t hesitate to propose your items below.

Today I would like to discuss about stdlib and some of its pending PRs (mainly related to CIs).

Any other topics for this monthly call?

Here are Jitsi links for the call:

The discussion I mentioned How to build a shared library with fpm · fortran-lang/fpm · Discussion #655 · GitHub

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Sorry for missing this guys, I got dragged into last minute meetings.

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