Fortran Monthly Call: August 2022

Dear all,

It’s again time to organise our next monthly call which will be in the week of August 15-19; please see the following doodle poll to mark your availability:

Doodle: Fortran Monthly Call: August 2022

The final time slot will be selected and announced on the evening (European time) of Monday August 8, please complete the poll before then .

If there are specific topics or issues you would like to raise, even if you are unable to attend the call, please post them in the thread here.

As usual, we will record this call and make it available online.

All the best,



Our next monthly call will be on Tuesday, August 16 at 18:00 UTC .

11:00 - 12:00 PDT (California)
19:00 - 20:00 BST (London)
20:00 - 21:00 CEST (Amsterdam)

As previously, the meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend.
Don’t hesitate to propose your items below.


I would like to discuss the localization / translation of the webpage and similar resources.


Can we also include VS Code’s Modern Fortran into the localisation discussion?

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Can you provide any pointers to documentation on localization of VS Code extensions? I can have a look whether it is already possible to include those.

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There is this active PR Add Chinese Translation by quanzhuo · Pull Request #393 · fortran-lang/vscode-fortran-support · GitHub that does some of the preliminary work for extension localisation.

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PS we probably need to scrap that PR and start a new one following the proper procedures

Hey all. This is the first time I’m joining a Monthly call. So how can I attend this?

We will post a Zoom link later today for people to join.


I would also like to discuss features to be included in Modern Fortran v4.0 Version v4.0.0 · GitHub. Any thoughts, people have on the existing features and any additional features they wish to see.

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Here is the meeting information:

Time: Aug 16, 2022 06:00 PM Universal Time UTC
Join Zoom Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 626 2877 7850
Passcode: fortran

One tap mobile
+496950500951,62628777850#,*4627477# Germany
+496950500952,62628777850#,*4627477# Germany


Welcome @Ashwin and thank you @awvwgk for the Zoom link.

Here is the current agenda:

  1. Localization / translation of the Fortran-lang webpage (@awvwgk)
  2. Localisation of the VS Code’s Modern Fortran (@gnikit)
  3. New features for Modern Fortran v4.0? (@gnikit)

PS: I won’t be able to join the meeting tomorrow.


If there is time I would like to discuss this issue:

Focusing on strategies to implement required data structures (lists, datetime, …) in stdlib in the near future as well as having stdlib specs with external implementations.

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Yes, of course. The vscode stuff should not take long. There should be plenty of time left in the call.

Thanks to everybody participating in the discussion yesterday.

Recording is up at

I feel like we should make a banner which we can apply for the preview image on the recording.