Fortran libraries to work with parquet files

If ever you are ready for that adventure, you may look at:

I have made a test with the header files in the directories /usr/include/arrow-glib and /usr/include/parquet-glib and, with some minimal tweaking (adding some missing GLib types in the wrapper and modifying a regex), obtained 1019 Fortran interfaces like:

!GParquetArrowFileWriter * gparquet_arrow_file_writer_new_path(GArrowSchema *schema, const gchar *path, GParquetWriterProperties *writer_properties, GError **error);
function gparquet_arrow_file_writer_new_path(schema, path, writer_properties,&
& error) bind(c)
  import :: c_ptr, c_char
  implicit none
  type(c_ptr) :: gparquet_arrow_file_writer_new_path
  type(c_ptr), value :: schema
  character(kind=c_char), dimension(*) :: path
  type(c_ptr), value :: writer_properties
  type(c_ptr), value :: error
end function

If it is those interfaces (arrow-glib and parquet-glib) that you need, I can send you the interfaces for testing.