Fortran in regular life

How can I use Fortran in regular life?

Also, does visual studio code have only Fortran 95?

Can you be more precise on this question? What do you mean?

AFAIK, Visual Studio Code is just a development environment that will use the compilers available in your system. So the Fortran features will depend on your compiler.

By regular life I mean school, university, academy and etc.

You can use it for numerical computations, simulations, etc. It is a generalist language, but especially interesting for scientific computations.

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Thanks for helping, mate👍

Can you give me a task to practice? Something basic to make in Fortran. Going to DM you the result.

You can try to compute \pi by Monte Carlo. It should take ~15 lines of Fortran code. You need integers, reals, a loop, a test, random numbers and print. And you will also learn the optimization flags of your compiler…

Recently, Intel Fortran compiler was brought to Visual Studio: Installing Microsoft Visual Studio* for Use with Intel® Compilers

I did not try it myself yet, but that should answer your second question.

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Fortran in “regular life” is equally touched in videos Modern Fortran by Example by hexafoil (first installment here) with basic concepts e.g., how to organize the source code, use it to compute the position of frets for a guitar, access gnuplot from Fortran to eventually generate a brief animation. Each one is a brief snippet, not a lecture. It might be additionally interesting for that the author compiled a brief series about Calling Fortran From C (initial installment), too

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