Fortran books for geophysicists

Hi everyone,

I’m a geophysicist looking for a Fortran book that can help me with coding in my field. Any recommendations?


Hi @1988 ,

you can have a look to those books lists:

Searching “geo” or “earth”, I have found:


Two other books from my list are

Helffrich, George, James Wookey, and Ian Bastow (2013). The Seismic Analysis Code: A Primer and User’s Guide. Cambridge. Code here and manual here.

Wang, H. F., and M. P. Anderson (1982). Introduction to groundwater modeling: Finite difference and finite element methods. Freeman. Code at Wang’s site

The Earth Science category of my list of Fortran codes on GitHub has dozens of projects.

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Unfortunately, geophysics is a broad science. I advise you to be more specific, as if you were doing ocean/atmosphere simulations you might be interested in knowing more about finite differences and their programming, while if you are doing some groundwater or reservoir engineering, you might be in the need of finite elements. These two differ a lot in the spirit and in the coding.

This goes also for your other topic, we would like to help you but I personally have no clue of what do you want to do, so I cannot help at all (and this might also explain why the thread has no replies while generally on this forum people replies quite rapidly)

@vmagnin the reference you gave, Chirila, D. B., and Lohmann, G. 2015 Introduction to Modern Fortran for the Earth System Sciences 1st ed Berlin. Springer-Verlag, is astonishingly good. Thank you for pointing it out


Well, not much merit on my side, just Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V from the Fortran-lang site :slightly_smiling_face: … All the credit goes to people who built that list.

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Indeed, in that case, no question or problem exposed, no answer… People really like to help, but there just don’t know how…

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The various editions of Michael Metcalf et al. “Modern Fortran Explained”, Oxford U Press (latest edition 2023) are worth looking at though they are not aimed at any one kind of Fortran user. (Some geophysicists study earthquakes, some study auroras, and I used to study forces driving plate tectonics. It’s not obvious that a Fortran book for geophysicists should be different from one for others.)

Thank you for your help and comments. As a geophysicist, I use surface waves, such as Rayleigh and Love waves, to study near-surface lateral heterogeneous structures like cavities, voids, and near-surface layers for geotechnical projects. Additionally, I apply these methods in oil and gas field studies, such as reservoir analysis. Therefore, I am looking for Fortran 90 or 95 books that can assist me in my work.