Fatal error when working with coarrays

Dear friends,

I’m working with a code containing coarrays in which each image handles quite a large amount of data. When compiling with ifort (Windows), no problem, however at execution time I get a fatal error stating that the image size exceeds the maximum allowable size. Could this error be related to stack size? If this is the case, how is the size increased?

Many thanks for your help.

It is hard to tell what is going wrong without seeing the code. Could you create a minimal working example to post here? Have you asked the question on the Intel Fortran Forum? Perhaps the compiler developers could recognize the error message and help. If the compiler also prints the error code, you could also search the Intel ifort compiler runtime error codes to get more information about the error.

Try reducing the data size or setting the environment variable FOR_COARRAY_NUM_IMAGES=1 before running the code or compile the program with -coarray=single on UNIX or /Qcoarray:single on Windows to see if the error goes away.

@shahmoradi, many thanks for your help. I’m going to try your suggestions.