Digital Visual Fortran 5.0

A dear friend of mine is desperately trying to power up some old programs developed using Digital Visual Fortran professional version 5.0. To make matters even more complicated a proprietary graphics package from the Danish Technical University is included in these old programs.
Anybody out there that know where to get such an old licence – Digital Visual Fortran Professional 5.0?
Regards Ole Rydahl


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Maybe the new Intel oneAPI compilers will work, if I recall correctly they have a long history starting from Digital Visual Fortran at some point. With the current backwards compatibility policy present in Fortran compilers, chances are good that it might still work.

The Base+HPC toolkit should provide you with the ifort compiler (Intel® oneAPI Toolkits), fortunately Intel currently provides their compilers free of charge. So it might be worth a try.

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Yes, Intel Visual Fortran comes from Compaq VF which comes from Digital. They embed the QuickWin library to build Fortran programs with basic GUI.

You may look at:

For the license, I don’t know. Another problem is to run the software on nowadays Windows. But I know that Compaq Visual Fortran is running quite well under Linux using the Wine library (except some tools like the debugger):

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Compaq Visual Fortran is abandonware, you can find an ISO on

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Start with the graphics library - is there a modern version for Win 10 or 11? If it’s just a binary DLL(s) and has been abandoned since Win XP this may be a very big problem.

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Thanks, but we have so far not been successful in finding a “modern” version of the graphical interface.

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Is that graphical interface based on QuickWin, or is it something apart?

You can download the ISO but a license number is probably asked on install… If I remember well, that was what was happening when installing Compaq.

I’m not sure if a valid serial is shown in the screenshot, but serials are flying around the Web, and IIRC a key generator was distributed as well.

Honestly i don’t now! And worse - how to find it out?

He tried Compaq Visual Fortran 6.x, but it fails… Personally I did not witness it, so I don’t know the details - sorry!

You could search in the code for some classical Quickwin functions and procedures:


Look also that list:

There are many Quickwin functions ending with “QQ”.

Why does your friend need a compiler to run the programs? Or by ‘power up’ do you mean redevelop or rebuild?

(A virtual machine may be the way to go if the program won’t run on Windows 10.)

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The serial is indeed in the picture of the software …