Create more forum categories

Hello Everyone,
I’m wondering if it is possible to create more categories on the forum, to better catalog posts of different nature . For example, in my opinion there is the need for a section concerning helping users with their code…

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We have a help category ( for helping users with their code.

Help seems a too broad definition for a category. It was a proposal to help new users like me… but thanks!

Welcome, @Rob777! Can you propose a category? I suggest that you start with the help tag, and if there comes a need for a more specific tag, let’s discuss. So far the help tag has worked well.

Hi Milan,
my proposal is at least to split help in "help on code"and "help on tools"or something like that. But I’m only the last person arrived, if help works, better for me. I’m writing some new Fortran codes (4-5k lines) and I have a lot of questions on unit tests and building tools (how to practically use them).
P.S. Your Modern Fortran is an awesome book


@Rob777 Welcome! And please ask any question you want. And if there is a need, we can always create new tags.

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