Continuous delivery for fpm

The Fortran package manager (fpm) is now deployed continuously, once a new commit is pushed to the main branch, it will be built, tested and uploaded to the bleeding edge release. Also, source releases and single file versions for bootstrapping are all included here.

The continuous delivery is meant to ease testing the latest version of fpm without requiring to build it yourself first. Of course, we will still release tagged versions once we have accumulated a sufficient number of new features, which will be made available via conda-forge, spack, homebrew, and MSYS2.

Since the workflow is run on every push, you can also use it to build your development branches in your fork of fpm. You have to enable it by visiting:<user>/fpm/settings/secrets/actions

And add the DEPLOY_BRANCH secret (it’s not really a secret…), for example refs/heads/ will enable the deployment of all branches in the fork:


Awesome. How does it work — does it create a new Release for every commit? Or does it reuse the “Bleeding Edge Version” release?

We are moving the release with the tip of the main branch by force tagging and force pushing the current tag:

Nice thing that nothing in git is actually immutable (except for commits, maybe).

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I see. Clever!

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thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Oh they aren’t, but is a dangerous (despite very fascinating) path. Something like a holiday tour to Moria.

Well, sorry for the off topic joke, returning on point I like very much your solution!