Consultant sought: documentation workflow for Fortran repo

I’d like to hire a consultant to set up a Read-the-docs workflow for select bits of a modestly-sized modern Fortran code . The documentation will include kernels (C-compatible subroutines), classes (with data and/or type-bound procedures, some of which are overladed), and conventions. I’m willing to add structured comments if needed to support a system that mines them for the documentation.

I’m paying for this through my University so life will be easier if the consultant has a formal business presence (you know, like someone to whom administration can address a purchase order). I’m grateful for suggestions for companies I might contact to ask for informal bids (I have some useful feedback already). Feel free to nominate yourself, as the saying goes.

Thanks, Robert


Attn: @everythingfunctional , @rouson , @Jcollins et al. !!!

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Hi @RobertPincus . Welcome to the Discourse.

I believe you’ve already spoken @rouson , so hopefully he has answered your questions and we can find a way to work together. I have put together the Continuous Integration (CI) for many of the projects we work on together, including automatically publishing documentation. I’ve also done it for many of my own, open-source projects, and I’m in the process of using FORD more seriously in several of them. We also have another colleague who spent significant time and effort writing good FORD documentation in one of our largest projects.

This is exactly the kind of work that @rouson and I have done a fair amount of, enjoy doing, and enjoy helping others to do. I hope we can work together with you.



Dear Brad, yes, I’ve been in discussion with @rouson and hope to catch up with him later today.

My university would ideally like several quotes/proposals so I’m hoping to solicit several.

Hi @RobertPincus
We may be able to help. This depends very much on what you would like the documentation to tell you. fpt will analyse the code and will produce a number of reports: please see fpt - Report Generation for Fortran Programs . If you need analyses which are not listed here, please let me know - it is quite possible that the information is already available within fpt but we haven’t generated a structured report for it.
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@Jcollins Thanks for the pointer to fpt. I’m after tools that help me provide user documentation. Do I misunderstand or is fpt oriented more towards developers working in the internals?

@RobertPincus You are exactly right. fpt will guide development and maintenance but it won’t tell users how to use the software.

Hi Robert,
If you are still looking to hire a consultant I would be glad to help you out on this, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

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