Conferences (ISC 23', FOSDEM 23', deRSE23)

While not exclusively Fortran-related, I would like to direct your attention toward the following conferences:

  • ISC High Performance 2023
    • What: Event for high performance computing, machine learning, data analytics & quantum computing
    • When: 21-25 May, 2023
    • Where: Hamburg, Germany
    • Submission Deadline: November 10, 2022 (w/ proceedings), January 19, 2023 (w/o proceedings)
  • FOSDEM23’
    • What: Free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate
    • When: 4-5 February, 2023
    • Where: Brussels, Belgium
    • Submission Deadline: 15 November (for a physical stand), otherwise check list of developer rooms
  • deRSE23
    • What: Third conference for research software Engineering in Germany
    • When: 20-21 February, 2023
    • Where: Paderborn, Germany
    • Submission Deadline: November 21, 2022

Is there any possibility/interest to have a Fortran-Lang stand at FOSDEM (cc @jeremie.vandenplas, @pdebuyl)?

Thank you @ivanpribec for sharing the dates.

There are usually very few talks related to Fortran as FOSDEM. Having a stand and/or a talk could expose Fortran-lang to a larger open-source community.

I am currently too busy to setup something before November 15 for a physical stand. However, I would be happy to help/organize later a stand and/or a talk for FOSDEM.

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The deadline for submitting a talk to the FOSDEM’23 HPC, Big Data and Data Science Devroom is December 16. Looking to the list of topics, I don’t think that presenting the community 's goals (as @ivanpribec did recently for deRSE23) would be suitable for this session. fpm would probably be a better topic.
Any advices?