Coarray tutorial

Thomas Koenig announced on comp.lang.fortran his coarray tutorial.

Since the introduction of the Fortran 2008 standard, Fortran is a parallel language. Unlike the parallel extensions OpenMP or OpenACC, the coarray parallelism Coarrays is built into the language core, so there no fewer problems with interaction between different standards and different standards bodies.

This tutorial aims to introduce Fortran coarrays to the general user. A general familiarity with modern Fortran is assumed. People who are not familar, but are familiar with other imperative languages like C might need to refer to other sources such as the FortranWiki to check what individual language constructs mean.


I added links to other Coarray tutorials and articles at the Fortran Wiki. An eye-catching paper is Cellular automata beyond 100k cores: MPI vs Fortran coarrays.


The tutorial is very nice, Might there be interest in making it part of a Fortran lesson for HPC Carpentry