CMake + Fortran 77 compilers

I have started a CMake issue that may deprecate or employ workarounds for Fortran 77-only compilers, to speed up CMake for Fortran 95+ compilers.

My understanding is that Concurrent Fortran and OpenWatcom are the only CMake-supported Fortran 77-only compilers. Is anyone using these compilers with CMake? I am using this as an input to the discussion linked above–whether to remove their support or employ workarounds to keep them going in CMake.


Hi @scivision, thanks for posting here and welcome to the forum!

Yes, I think CMake should not lose time checking for F77 support.

In the end we found a way to speed up CMake by assuming a Fortran 90 compiler. This is coming in CMake 3.22. it’s still compatible with Fortran 77 only compilers. The speed up is noticeable on Windows and particularly with Intel compiler. This is for when CMake project is first configured and detects the compilers.

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