Centralised repository for Fortran-lang artwork

I have created a centralised repo under Fortran-lang (GitHub - fortran-lang/assets: Assets, artwork and graphics for fortran-lang) to contain all the images, artwork and graphics used by the Organisation in an attempt to make locating and using these assets easier.

I have gone ahead and added the fpm assets already and I am in the process of designing the assets for vscode. Could I ask for the people that either own or are aware of assets that are not currently in the repo to open PRs with the additions?

Also, @Beliavsky (for the F logo) could post the licenses you are distributing your works under?


See Choosing a license for logo and other artistic assets · Issue #51 · fortran-lang/webpage · GitHub for a previous discussion on this. The Fortran and fpm logos are distributed under MIT license (to my knowledge).


Okay thanks, just wanted to double check.

BTW do we store somewhere the SVG and the PNG forms of the F logo?

No, but it takes only a few seconds to recreate in Inkscape (it’s an F in Clarendon BT font on a violet, rounded box). Uploaded an SVG which should produce the same PNG.

Do we have an agreement as to the relative separation of F from the corners/edges of the square? If not we might want to consider adding one, see for example Visual Studio Code and VS Code icons and names usage guidelines

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FYI: the original official version of the F logo is here: fortran-lang.org/assets/img at master · fortran-lang/fortran-lang.org · GitHub

I would use that, so we don’t have several slightly different versions floating around. There is the original svg, and some pngs rendered in different sizes.


That’s what I was looking for, thanks @jacobwilliams.

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Can you check if you are comfortable with the following 2 statements


I think there should be a mention of the Copyright holder as well. Do you know who that is?

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Are Milan and I the copyright holders? As far as I’m concerned, it’s just an F in a box that didn’t take any great amount of creativity on my part to make. :wink: I’d also be fine with saying it has a CC0 type license.