Arm HPC Compilers now available free of charge

See the following blog post on the Arm website for more details:

The Arm HPC Compilers include the armflang Fortran compiler, which is based on classic Flang, as mentioned in the blog post.

I myself have downloaded the tarball and installed it on my NVIDIA Jetson Nano devkit. You can follow along my adventure here:


Would this work on a Raspberry PI or an ASUS Tinkerboard

I asked the exact same question on the Arm blog post! I have a couple Raspberry Pi’s in my “home lab”. I think they’re Zero, 3B+, and 4B. I wish the chip shortage is over so I can buy more RPi 4B’s easily…

Anyway, I got a couple answers at the Arm forum post I made, looks like it is compatible with RPi 4B as long as you install a 64-bit OS (aarch64 or arm64). I can’t recall whether Raspbian 64-bit is still in beta status or is already released for general usage. I’m not too familiar with the ASUS Tinkerboard to comment about it.


This is exciting. Thank you for sharing the news. I have a small collection of SBCs (RPi4, Allwinner H3, H5 & an RK3399) that I would want to try it on.