An interesting read of a project's methods and tool selection

I found the discussion of AHAMODEL’s Fortran and support tools selection, including everything from Fortran style conventions to tools for generating documentation and use of Open-Source libraries exceptional and thought others might find it interesting as well. I think it is well worth a look and mentioning here, although I have no affiliation with it whatsoever.


It is interesting – thanks. Some of the Windows-specific suggestions are dated.

The Windows console (cmd) is extremely weak. Conemu is a much better alternative, especially with the Far manager , a two-panel console file manager similar to the ancient Norton commander for DOS (or Midnight commander on Linux):

Microsoft has introduced Windows Terminal, which is more powerful than the console and can still run CMD. Later the author describes how to install Unix tools such as grep, but he never mentions Windows Subsystem for Linux, which has those and on which installing gfortran is a one-liner.

I find it convenient to run CMD within an Emacs or Epsilon (commercial Emacs clone) buffer. Any amount of standard output from a Fortran program is stored in the buffer when run.

It is how well they describe their development process, not the specific selections they made that I found illuminating and unusual. Every project varies depending on the time and place and resources, of course. In my experience it is unusual to find the process described in such detail.