ADIFOR Automatic Differentiation

I have an application for ADIFOR. I know F77 is obsolete, but I have a large program that is
pure F77 (it can be compiled by f2c) and ADIFOR seems like it would be very useful for me. I did read the user guide and didn’t see any roadblocks.

Argonne National Laboratory advertises the ADIFOR automatic differentiation package on its
website ( ADIFOR: Automatic Differentiation of Fortran Codes ) and asks potential users to
write to Paul Hovland ( or Alan Carle ( but I have received no response from either. Another page at ANL
(ADIFOR: Automatic Differentiation of Fortran 77 | Argonne National Laboratory ) gives 2
phone numbers but neither is in service. A webpage at Rice University
(ADIFOR 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE ) adds another email address
( ), also no response there. These pages are 30 years old, so no real

Any ideas?

Daniel Feenberg

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Perhaps use the general addresses that are mentioned on that page.

No reply from either. I left a phone message at the 800 number, maybe there will be a reply.

Very few search results, I am afraid, but perhaps can help?