A Fortran MVC web platform

A Fortran MVC web platform:

and an example of a page served by a Fortran server:


Nick Doiron, maker of fortran-machine, wrote about Fortran culture on GitHub in 2016:

Fortran culture on GitHub. This is a story that I’ve told a few… | by Nick Doiron | Medium


Interesting, if I have understood, Fortran coders are trying to code using the scientific method(s). Peer review, dispute (discussion) until consensus, test code (experimentation)…

It could be that all Fortran programmers know what they’re doing — no one is casually pushing some Fortran code. It could be about scientific coders’ culture versus web developers like me. But at the end of the day I felt some awe, knowing that there are strangers out there who will walk you through your mistakes in Fortran.

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Server-side web application could even be written back then in FORTRAN 77, using just CGI (albeit with no GET variables, as get_environment_variable() was not introduced before F2003):

FABS is another web framework written in Fortran, based on Apache, CGI, and SQLite.

In modern Fortran we can create persistent FastCGI processes instead, which produce less overhead than bare CGI.