A brief discussion on the nature of software


Thanks for that text.

Yes, code is algorithms ready to be implemented in a machine. And algorithm is knowledge. Recipes are algorithms: if you want to cook that cake, make this and this and that… Recipes are knowledge, you can learn them. I don’t know how to express in English the difference between “savoir” (written knowledge, coded as information) and “connaissance” (which can mean knowledge acquired, disgested by a human being).

Code is human knowledge written in a way that can be executed by a machine. Algorithmics is a branch of mathematics. So it’s formal knowledge.


It’s true that code is a special kind of formal knowledge. If you don’t understand that knowledge, you can still use it, via the object where it is implemented.

A mathematics book also contain formal knowledge but if you don’t understand the content, what can you do with the book? Knock on your head? :face_with_head_bandage: Put under your monitor to raise it? :books:

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