Which compilers support coarrays?

I know GNU Fortran, NAG, and Intel (classic ifort) all support coarrays, and I’m certain the Cray and IBM compilers do as well. But are there any other compilers that do? Fortran Compilers - Fortran Programming Language lists quite a few other compilers, but I suspect that none of them do.

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My impression was that the IBM Coarray support is only experimental. As an avid Coarray user in practice, I’m be glad to hear otherwise.

g95 implemented coarrays, although I did not try that feature. The compiler has not been updated for years, and now the site is offline.

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Last I heard, and this was a while ago, IBM shelved their coarray implementation when they lost the Blue Gene contract.

NAG does support the feature, but on a single image only.

Thanks for the correction about the IBM compiler; I’m sorry to hear that.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but the NAG 7.1 compiler (at least) does support multiple images but only on a single shared memory node.

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No, you are correct, I was the one who misunderstood.

If IBM has even experimental coarray support, that’s very good news. I haven’t checked in a couple of years, but IBM offered no coarray support the last time I checked.

My knowledge of IBM Coarrays status is outdated (which was based on a comment by Steve Lionel in ~2010 also repeated above). Yours is correct.