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This forum is for help, discussion, and announcements related to the Fortran Programming Language.

Code of conduct

Please read our code of conduct before participating. We will remove any posts that are not respectful, constructive, and on-topic. Please use the “Flag” button if you have concerns about any post or comment. You can also reach out directly to moderators (@certik, @lkedward, @milancurcic) if you have any concerns about the content posted on this forum.

Topics and categories

When starting a new topic, please use a specific Category (such as Help or Announcements) if applicable.

License of code and content

  1. By default, the code that you own and post on the Fortran Discourse is licensed under the MIT License, whereas other (non-code) content that you own is licensed under the CC-BY license. You own the copyright to your content.
  2. If you want attribution or require that the content is licensed differently, state so explicitly in the same post, for example by including a Copyright statement in the code snippet, by posting a link to the license, or similar.
  3. Only post code that you know you are allowed to share.
  4. If you want to reuse the code that other user posted, kindly ask them for permission.
  5. If you reuse the code or content, make sure you conform with its license.
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