Version control system support in fpm

For fpm we are currently only supporting git repositories, but of course there are many more ways for version control in active use in the Fortran community.

What version control systems you are using for your projects? Let me know.

  • git
  • subversion (svn)
  • mercurial (hg)
  • bazaar (bzr)
  • fossil
  • cvs
  • source tarballs/archives
  • other (comment below)

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I put all version control systems I’m familiar with in the list above, but there are more. I want to gauge the interest in supporting other version control systems beside git in fpm. This means we also need a platform to host test projects with this version control system, if you know of any, please let me know.

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Thanks everybody for participating.

Looks like subversion and source tarballs are something that will be worth looking into. Testing support for source tarballs will be easy to setup since we can generate them readily using git-archive from existing git repositories. For svn we have to search for a hosting platform first.

Sourceforge would be an option: SourceForge Support / Documentation / svn. Note: I don’t have any experience with svn on sourceforge

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I think the source tarball functionality should be designed to easily transition to using a community hosted repository by default. I.e. just like for Rust.