Vector Subscripts Tutorial


Nice. Why weren’t you using fpm (you just needed fpm run after each edit) in the first part of the video? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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For simple, one file programs I find the boiler-plate/overhead of fpm to be unnecessary. Sure, I could have used fpm, but then there’d be questions of “what’s all that other stuff in the project?” from those unfamiliar with fpm.

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As you wish, I personally don’t think it would have been a problem. Also, I’d note that in the quicksort part, there’s more boilerplate than 3 files

$ fpm new tutorial --app
 + mkdir -p tutorial
 + cd tutorial
 + mkdir -p tutorial/app
 + git config --get > /tmp/filesbcXPE
 + git config --get > /tmp/fileRl9ZCF
 + git config --get > /tmp/file4iF7jD
 + git init tutorial
Initialised empty Git repository
fpm: Leaving directory '/home'
$ cd tutorial/
$ tree
├── app
│   └── main.f90
├── fpm.toml

1 directory, 3 files