Top 10 has never been so close

I came across July ‘23 Tiobe’s index and realized that Fortran ranked #11. I know that this index does not mean much but after touching the bottom in 2020, Fortran has been on the rise continuously. That must mean something. I wanted to thank this community for the tremendous effort you do to keep this good old language alive.
So thank you all and keep going!


Welcome @davidpfister

#11 is very close to the highest position (#10) since 2001. That indeed means a lot!

On the other hand, it is interesting that they did not mention Fortran in the July headline. Wish Fortran reach top 10 this year!

July Headline: C++ is about to surpass C

A few months ago, the programming C++ language claimed position 3 of the TIOBE index (at the expense of Java). But C++ has not finished its rise. C seems to be its next victim. At the moment, the gap between the two is only 0.76%. Apart from this, there are also some other interesting moves this month. JavaScript reaches position #6, which is an all time high. Matlab, Scratch and Rust also match their all time high records at respectively positions #10, #12 and #17. Elsewhere in the TIOBE index, we see that COBOL, after a long time, re-enters the top 20, while Julia is seriously approaching it. – Paul Jansen CEO TIOBE Software


Given the trend of new boutique languages, Fortran looks like a reliable and tested language for today’s applications.

I recommend that my son-in-law learn COBOL to get a guaranteed job for life if he wanted to enter the computer job market.