"The problem (with) modern Fortran is that there is not a good IDE .. on Windows"

I am obviously biased on this but I think that VS Code + Modern Fortran + fortls make for a good development environment that in many aspects is more capable in terms of Fortran support, than VS. The main problem I can identify with my proposed solution is that Intel compilers do not have a debug adapter for Windows so you have to rely on GDB for debugging, see this post I made a while back that did not have any real engagement about the issue:

Relying on GDB for debugging comes with some challenges, I identified some of them in this thread and why it is in the best interest of Intel and the other compiler vendors to aid in resolving them

In general, the thing drastically improves the coding experience are features provided by the Language Server Protocol. VS is lacking a modern extension for integration with the fortls Language Server, currently the only language server in active development, and hence it’s stuck in its current state.

I don’t have free time to develop such an extension as a side project, but someone else in Fortran-lang could probably do so.