The National Energy Modeling System

Stumbled upon this interesting Fortran project which has been developed since 1994:

What is it?

The National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) is a long-term energy-economy modeling system of U.S. energy markets. The model is used to project production, imports, exports, conversion, consumption, and prices of energy, subject to user-defined assumptions. The assumptions encompass macroeconomic and financial factors, world energy markets, resource availability and costs, behavioral and technological choice criteria, technology characteristics, and demographics.

NEMS produces a general equilibrium solution for energy supply and demand in the U.S. energy markets on an annual basis.

The administrator if the Energy Information Administration, Joe DeCarolis, shared the project and few more comments on X/Twitter:

In parallel to maintaining and upgrading the existing model, they are working on a new one nicknamed Project BlueSky: