Stdlib and fpm error

I just tried to do fpm run on a package/module that uses stdlib but I get the following error:

cmd_run Package error: Could not retrieve version string for metapackage key stdlib. Check syntax

My fpm version is 0.9.0, alpha.

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Hello @general_rishkin,

this happens because stdlib has been introduced as a metapackage as of fpm>=0.9.0, so it can be requested as a dependency as


Note that we’ve patched this behavior to restore backward compatibility i.e. still allow metapackages to be specified as standard dependencies. This is available in the trunk and will be in the next release


Thanks @FedericoPerini .

It has not been said enough but we all appreciate the effort that the fpm team, the 'LFortran` team and all the other anonymous teams, and individuals are putting into the ‘evolution’ and ‘revolution’ of Modern Fortran.