Setting fortls severity

I am using fortran in vscode (but I am quite a new user on both fortran and vscode). I have modern fortran and fortls extensions. When the errors appear, they normally appear by severity order (like, errors before warnings, so if I have an errors I cannot see the warnings). The thing is I want to see them all together (for example, in Python I did this by changing all the severities in flake8 to warnings). I need to do this because I am compiling the program with cmake so my file will never find the corresponding .mod files and, with that error, I cannot see any other.
Thank you in advance, I hope I explained myself well!

If you are setting the module path in CMakeLists.txt using something like

Then I think that setting Fortran>Linter:Include Paths like ${workspaceFolder}/build/mod in the Modern Fortran settings should work if you are requesting CMake to build under the directory build

Hopefully I also explained myself well ;p