Seeking Feedback for a potential FortranCon Talk

Hi everybody,

I’m interested in giving a talk about testing strategies and my unit testing framework (vegetables) at FortranCon. I’d be interested in getting feedback on the abstract before I officially submit it. If any of you could please take a look at the PR I opened at the fortran-lang repo for talks and make comments there I’d greatly appreciate it.


I looked at the docs a bit and was wondering if there was any relationship to the Haskell based Quickcheck, that generates test cases:

This type of property based testing has been implemented in a number of languages. Rust was the first one to pop up in a google search. It would be very interesting to have a modern Fortran implementation, however. I can imagine more uses for it outside of software testing.

Very astute observation. I did in fact take some inspiration from Haskell’s Quickcheck. It’s of course not quite as powerful (i.e. it can’t automatically derive a generator), but I’ve found it useful in some cases.

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