Seeking Collaborators to Revive JModelica with RADAU5 and More!

Hey folks! :rocket:

I’m trying to revive the JModelica project, and I need your help! I am struggling with some tricky bits involving Hairer’s stiff ODE solver, RADAU5, as part of the Assimulo package. If you have experience or interest in numerical methods and Fortran, I could really use your help! If you want to know more about JModelica, you may check out this post I wrote a few years ago.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Current Challenge: I’m facing compilation issues with RADAU5 in the JModelica/Assimulo context. If you’re savvy with Fortran and debugging, your insights would be invaluable!
  • Next Steps: Post-smoothing out these initial bumps, I’m eyeing porting the project to GitHub, integrating it with package managers like fpm, Conan, and vcpkg, and ensuring it’s friendly across different platforms and compilers (think Windows, macOS, Linux, GNU gfortran, LLVM Flang, Intel ifort/ifx).

If you are interested in sharpening your FORTRAN skills and supporting the open-source ecosystem, drop a message here or reach out directly.


Have you had any offers to help? I may be able to help out with one or two things.

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The repository compiles now, but there is still a lot to do. Could you join the Discord channel to talk, of course, if you are interested?

My help would not be very systematic - I can do small things, but my attention is usually fragmented over too many things :slight_smile: