Screening the coding style of Large Fortran HPC Codes

By the same author, Antoine Dauptain:


Both interesting!

Concerning Namelists, how are treated real numbers concerning their precision? I am thinking about that recent post:

Also interesting:

And you will find here a link toward Flinter, their Fortran linter:

Hello (I am part of the COOP team). We just released a new version of Flinter : flinter · PyPI.

The most important change to know is Flinter is now baser on Lizard and therefore can be used on Python & C & C++ & Fortran codebases (A mixture we often have in HPC). I must mention that this change made Flinter slower (more magic inside).

For this we had to provide .(thanks to E Demolis) to Lizard the extension to Fortran language available from version 1.17.8. As Lizard is an AST parser of its own, this might prove useful for other Fortran-related projects.

Note that you can now also use Codemetrics on Fortran git bases…