Resolving floating point exceptions signalled after program termination

The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_UNDERFLOW_FLAG IEEE_DENORMAL.

I found this error in my fortran code please if any one know how to resolve it please provide me the solution ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
Amit Singhal
IIT Jodhpur
Thermofluid Engg

We can’t help without seeing the code.

An underflow error can classically arise if you have for example a decreasing exponential \exp(-x) where x become too large (that’s easy with a gaussian curve). So you have to look in your code where you have functions that could generate very small values.

If ever your code is using 32 bits reals, passing to 64 bits reals could improve the situation, the limit for normal numbers passing from 10^{-38} to 10^{-308}.

If you are using gfortran ,you can read this

if you are using ifort/ifx, -g -traceback -fpe:0 -check all is same as gfortran’s

It is useful to check floating error

This is the error message on my command window

Could you attach

  1. A minimum working example.
  2. What compiler you are using.
  3. What operating system.
  4. The complete error message from the compiler.

Geany I used as acompiler

I can’t help you with what you’ve given me. Sorry. I asked for four things of which you’ve provided just one.

See this post as an example of how to ask for help

I suggest you take a minute to learn about the proper etiquette and techniques for asking technical questions on public forums. You have not provided us with sufficient information to begin investigating your problem.