Rendering LaTeX math from Fortran comments

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Does anybody know how can we use latex in fortran source code?


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What exactly do you mean by use LaTeX in Fortran? Do you mean to convert LaTeX math to a Fortran expression? Or maybe to evaluate it and return the result? Or something else?

Hi @ELNS, please take a look at this link, I think this is what you are asking for?

I meant that how can we use latex syntax in fortran language comments , just like how we did it in python docstrings. For example consider that i wrote a subroutine which is implementation of a mathematical expression, so i would like to represent symbolic mode of that expression within my source code.

Or do you mean writing results in an output file using the LaTeX syntax ? And then calling the pdflatex compiler from Fortran ? This could be done with:

call execute_command_line ("pdflatex my_fortran_output.tex")

(Fortran 2008 and later)

can we use it for one liner mathematical expressions?

This one line command:

$ pdflatex "\documentclass{article} \begin{document} \begin{equation} f(x) = 0 \iff x = 1 \end{equation} \end{document}"

is generating a file whose default name is texput.pdf. But I don’t know if it is what you want…

I still don’t get it. Let’s consider this snippet:

real function square(x)
  ! Returns the square of a real number.
  ! $f(x) = x^2$
  real, intent(in) :: x
  square = x**2
end function square

Notice the LaTeX math in the “docstring”. Let’s assume what you are trying to do works. What does the result do and what does it look like?

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The objective could be to include LaTeX expressions in a documentation generated with a tool like Doxygen:

If you use the Sublime code editor, the SublimeFortran Package provides hover over popups for inline Latex math in comments.


Alternatively, I do want to provide good Fortran wrappers for SymEngine to be able to manipulate symbolic expressions from Fortran. I already started at, but didn’t have time to finish. If anybody wants to help, I would appreciate it.


That’s exactly what i meant.
Now what if we build the documentation of this subroutine using a tool such as sphinx-fortran?
will the symbolic mode of this latex line be generated ?

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I don’t know if sphinx-fortran can do it, but FORD can.


If you use the FORD documentation generator, it is possible to include Latex in comments, see here:


Thank you all for your valuable tips :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Not sure if I have understood the question, but if this is about documentation alone, Doxygen works well with LaTeX. There’s some more discussion here.