Reducing the space used by ifort

I eventually managed to get ifort working (I had not realised that one has to source every time before the first use of ifort after logging on in my Linux Ubuntu system) but I was not happy to find that the intel directory occupied over 27 Gb. What could be removed if one just wants to compile and run Fortran programs without explicitly intending to use C, C+ or python? (I don’t know if ifort is like NAG Fortran, which translated one’s program into C and used the C compiler the last time I had access to NAG some years ago.)


If you just install the package intel-oneapi-compiler-fortran, it takes less than 2 GB on your hard drive.

And it’s important to know that when a new version is available, it does not replace the previous one, but is added to. I therefore remove the previous one with Synaptic to limit the space occupied on disk.

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ifort is NOT like nagfor, in that it compiles directly to object code, but it does require the gcc linker and libraries to be available.

Did you perhaps install all of the Intel oneAPI HPC (and also Base) toolkits? Those are enormous, but unnecessary if all you want is Fortran.


Thank you Vincent and Steve! I had indeed installed everything because each time I tried when not doing that, ifort didn’t work, and I assumed that I must have omitted something essential. The Intel instructions did not make it clear what a user just wanting ifort but unfamiliar with oneAPI could omit. I now suspect that my real trouble was not sourcing every time I logged on. (Ifort usually gives very good compile-time error messages but the one from failing to source did not help.)