Parallel programming resources

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At the Fortran Wiki Tutorials page, you can look at “Tutorials on Fortran in general” where Fortran 2008 or 2018 is mentioned and at the “Tutorials on Coarray Fortran” and “Scientific and Parallel Computing” sections. Parallel programming tutorials on GitHub are listed here.


There are some useful resources via
After 10 years of learning to use OpenMP, the best advice I have is to include the equivalent compiler options when compiling:
-fopenmp -fimplicit-none -fstack-arrays.
Explicitly managing SHARED vs PRIVATE arrays between threads is essential when starting out, and -fimplicit-none assists with that.
The way that the stack and heap are used can also effect performance and -fstack-arrays can clarify this management.
Unfortunately many introductory tutorials show multi-threaded use where it will not be used efficiently, as inevitably OpenMP promotes many threads on ever increasing cores, all sharing the same memory resource, where common processors have limited memory transfer bandwidth.


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Eh, is there some material or sample code that teaches how to do Fortran openMP on GPU?
I have a good GPU but never have any chance to really use it other than running video games or use madVR to process video play :rofl: