Package management for scientific software (Homebrew, EasyBuild, Spack, etc)

Hi everyone,

This is only peripherally related to Fortran but since many Fortran users deal with scientific software packages, I would be curious for your input on the following.

There are several distribution-agnostic package managers available for managing scientific software and common dependencies (e.g. MPI implementations). You can of course build them yourself and write module files to manage versions and environment variables, but there are also tools like Spack, EasyBuild, Linuxbrew/Homebrew, and I’m sure many others that I haven’t seen. I’d be interested to hear what other people use, which you would use if you had the choice, and why. Thanks!

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I use Spack and Conda. We are working on fpm, which we hope would also simplify the package management of Fortran software.