Optimization Without Using Derivatives: the PRIMA Package, its Fortran Implementation, and Its Inclusion in SciPy

Thank you @certik for your encouragement!

I cherish the following comment from you. You posted it both on Hacker News and here under the LFortran thread.

I believe that you and the LFortran project are truly turning the tide on Fortran. I wish to see the production release of LFortran as soon as possible. (I have edited my post to include a link to the homepage of LFortran)

If PRIMA can also contribute to “turning the tide on Fortran”, I will feel honored. All the pain, depression, and frustration that I have experienced in the past three years will then be partially compensated.

Let us the community work together to get PRIMA included in SciPy and see whether the tide on Fortran will improve.

Many thanks.

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