Not printing input to screen

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thanks for your help until now. I have a question, is it possible when we input a number and save it into a buffer variable, but we do not print that input to the screen (or at least, add something (maybe strings or integers in the same line as that input line)?

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You can input 2 or more items on the same line in one statement, e.g. this tiny program:

  implicit none
  integer m,n
  print *,'Enter two integers with blank space between them.'
  read *,m,n
  print *,'You said', m,n
  end program

The 2 items need not be numbers, as they are here. Or is that not what you were asking?

Maybe you can bind c function getch

A programmer can also read multiple items from the same input line with multiple read statements using nonadvancing i/o. Another approach is to read the input into a character string, and then parse and reparse that input line several times. There are many possibilities.

From what I understand, the OP is asking for “non-printing to the screen (console) user input”, as when entering sensible data (passwords) from CLI (i.e. ssh, etc…). In such case, I don’t know if this can be done directly in Fortran.