Modern Fortran - VsCode Linter: Initialize uses too many files


when I use Modern Fortran in VsCode and check the box “Attempt to initialize the linter by mock-compiling all files in workspace” it will try to initialize all files in workspace.
But this takes ~2h since my project has many copies with many .f90 files.
Can I exclude folders from the linter initialization process somehow. I only find the box to initialize linter for workspace on or off but not to exclude or include specific folders.


The option is quite experimental and it attempts to initialise (mock compile) the sources naively.

Disabled the options and just point the linter to the build artifacts of your project (obtained via some other way like cmake, meson, makefiles, etc.).

If you don’t have a way to compile your 27775 file project, then the linter will work suboptimally.