Modern Fortran for VS Code v3.1.0 Release

@gnikit ,
it would be great if you (or any user) can upload a screenshot in the Fortran category of Wikimedia commons.

It could then be integrated in the Wikipedia Fortran page in the modern Fortran section. I can help.

Any other modern picture related to Fortran would also be welcomed! (Fortran in modern tools, nice simulation results…)

For the moment, we can see for example the man f77 page in a terminal:

And of course punched things… :laughing:

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@gnikit brillant work!!
I went a bit ahead and activated the pre-release version 3.4.2023020701 just for curiosity and while hovering in @jacobwilliams 's json-fortran saw several warnings or potential errors. Nontheless, the compilation has no issues. Changes in the reference norm maybe?

Just wanted to share in case it can be useful. Liking a lot the user experience so far :slight_smile:

I will add it on the TODO list (I am already prepping for the next Release of Modern Fortran v4.0.0)


From the looks of it this has to do with function overloading. fortls does not do a great job with overloadded functions at the time. I have added an annotation to the GitHub issue: see Overloaded functions · Issue #6 · fortran-lang/fortls · GitHub
and I will have a more detailed look in the coming days.

If it is indeed due to overloading there is not much you can do, other than exclude the directories from the language server’s source paths.

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Hi there, I’m using the extensions “FORTRAN IntelliSense” and “Fortran Breakpoint Support” for intellisense and code debugging. I see that these should be deprecated with the latest release, but I when I disable them, I lose both functions.

Disabling “FORTRAN IntelliSense” leads to loss of many intellisense features like “go to definition”, “mouse over to see variable declaration” etc.

Disabling “Fortran Breakpoint Support” leads to an error message from vs code saying that debug type ‘cppdbg’ is not supported.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, welcome to the Fortran discourse.

Just try to install GitHub - fortran-lang/fortls: fortls - Fortran Language Server. Follow the instructions there and you are done!

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Indeed, thanks!